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About Me

My name is Michael Kwong (Edmonton Subaru Guy). I am a New and Preowned Sales Consultant for Rally Subaru in Edmonton, AB and surrounding area. I have been working in the auto industry since 2012 and I am passionate about helping people find the perfect vehicle at this fantastic Subaru Dealership in the Edmonton area. Whether you’re buying your first car or are a seasoned buyer, you will know from the start that I am here to help you.  I do not pressure you into buying a car or attempt to put you in a vehicle you don’t want. I will be more than happy to honestly and correctly answer any questions you may have. You can contact me directly to learn more about myself and Subaru vehicles.

If you have been searching for a Subaru, Alberta Subaru dealerships or sales consultants. Rally Subaru and myself are here for you! I can assist you in the purchase of new Subaru products, and any preowned vehicles we may have. Our Subaru store is one of the top dealerships in the Province of Alberta, and in Western Canada. When you’re ready to start looking for your next Subaru, and you want to experience exceptional customer service please contact me.

My Mission

My goal is to help you buy the right vehicle, I am devoted to helping any and every customer looking for direction in the process of their next car purchase. As a professional in car sales, I will assist you from start to finish with a completely transparent buying experience and a high level of customer service catering to your specific needs. I take pride in my job and truly enjoy helping customers in buying their next vehicle. I believe the experience of buying a new vehicle should be fun and happy and I will work hard to achieve that goal for the customer.

Michael Kwong

Michael Kwong

New and Preowned Sales Consultant

I do not just want to sell you your next car, I want to be the last person you buy a car from…The one you call when you need help with your car…The one you call when your family or friends need a vehicle.

I will do everything in my power to earn your trust and your business. I believe that building a professional relationship with your customers is the key to success and this is why I am sincere and genuine when assisting in a purchase.

Where to Find Me

I am located in the Southside of Edmonton and my home dealership is Rally Subaru.  I have access to all Subaru inventory in the city. If a colour or a trim level is not available, I can go outside the city to find you your perfect vehicle.  Whether you are in Alberta or surrounding Provinces I can provide you with the best service.   Please give me a call at 780-807-2888 or contact me , and I can help you find the right vehicle.

Car Buying Made Easy

Car buying is something most people do not enjoy, but you have to do it so the more you know on the process the less stress you will deal with when you have to go make a purchase. Considering you only go car shopping every 3-5 years on average there is a lot that can change and with so much money on the table it’s far different than going to get groceries.

I am dedicated to helping you through the car buying process and will allow you to relieve most of the stress of looking for a new car, hopefully even make it fun! Below I will give you an inside look at what you need to do to make sure you make the right decision with your next vehicle purchase.

Do Your Research

The internet has changed the game, and the auto industry is still trying to figure it out. Not too long ago when you would go car shopping the dealership had all the information and they had the upper hand which led to the stigma of “The Shady Car Salesmen”. But today with access to many automobile websites. The customers are educated and sometimes almost as much as the people selling the vehicles.

It is very important not to over research, when car buying going to the dealership and speaking to a professional about the vehicle and driving it will give you a better understand of the vehicle itself and help narrow your choices.

Most people are very loyal to their brands so some people will skip this step, however it is important to explore all options when car buying. There is not a whole lot in vehicles that make them different mechanically and as far as features go. What is different is the way the car drives and feels. Some people say the car picks you, instead of you picking the car so how the car feels and looks to you is the first step of finding the right car!

Make Your Decision

You have researched and driven the cars you like and have narrowed it down to THE ONE! This is the trickiest part of the process and can cause the most stress so it is very important to be patient and have trust in the dealership and sales person you are working with for your purchase. With so many different prices and dealerships trying to earn your business see if you can find one that has a guaranteed posted price, this will help relieve stress in the car buying process and is becoming more and more the norm so…

Going dealership to dealership trying to get the best deal will waste your time, you may save a few extra bucks by negotiating but the relationship with the people you are working with will most likely be ruined.

Make sure you work with the sales person, be open and honest…If you plan on putting money down or only financing 60 months let them know. When the manager is sending the deal to lenders and trying to get you the best deal the more they know about how you can pay and how you want to pay will change the deal to your favor. The more transparent both sides are the better the transaction will be for all parties and will leave you walking away happy!

What To Expect During Ownership

The best thing about the process of car buying, you found the right car and couldn’t be more happy. Continue that happiness, make sure you take care of you car…Change your oil, Check your fluids, Get the recommended maintenance for the vehicle. This will increase not only the longevity but also the value of your car. By doing your work with the professionals you will have documented records and factory parts.

A dealership may be a little more than your local garage, but are they using factory parts, tools and software with techs who do factory training to stay up to date with all the current technologies?

Probably not, so that little extra to make sure your car is in the hands of the people who know it the most is well worth it. Plus most dealerships over great vehicle upkeep packages that help you save money on future work. The majority of people own their vehicle 3-5 years, the 5 year mark is typically when you have to really start putting extra money into the vehicle so most will  step away, some owners will have their vehicles for well over 5 years and could incur the most cost to own by continually changing and fixing parts

What Is My Vehicle Trade Value?

Let’s be honest nobody is ever happy about their vehicle trade value and sometimes this is a major deal breaker. However every single used car has a unique price because the care is unique, it’s the only one on the road like it. Most people will go to Canadian Black Book first and they give you a range that is usually a swing of a few thousand dollars, this is because they don’t truly know what the value is.

Your vehicle trade value is determined on an average of what the vehicle is going for at auction, reconditioning cost and the market value of the vehicle.

Some people have the option to sell the vehicle private and will get the most money for the vehicle, but it will take time and you will meet some characters along the way. If you still have a loan on the vehicle you will most likely need to trade that vehicle in when purchasing a new vehicle and may need to roll over any remaining balance on that loan to the new one.
If you want to get the most vehicle trade value make sure it is as close to showroom ready as possible. You need to make sure all body damage is cleaned up, all tires and brakes are like new and all stains and interior blemishes are cleaned. These things will diminish the trade value because the dealership will need to recondition the vehicle and make sure all that is taken care of before resale.

If you don’t want to pay for it, someone needs too…So that work brings down the vehicle trade value!

Sometimes dealerships will show you more on the vehicle trade value and less on the discount of the car. Essentially they add the rebates or discounts to bring up the vehicle trade value so you will see a good figure on your trade and be happy. Make sure to ask for an itemized break down of vehicle purchase cost, trade value, rebates, incentives, discounts and fees. This way it will be clear how the cost of your new vehicle is broken down.
Over the past few years you have taken care of your car and spent a lot of time in it and have formed a bond with your vehicle, but don’t feel insulted when you think you should get more out of your vehicle trade value. Work with the dealer or purchaser, try to come to a happy middle ground where you are both happy with the transaction. If it were as easy as calculating the year and miles to determine the exact vehicle trade value everyone’s life would be a little easier, but it is not and you have to be patient and understanding when finalizing a figure.